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Prostate cancer and getting on the transplant list

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  • Prostate cancer and getting on the transplant list

    I have been on dialysis (PD) for 3 years. Just after being diagnosed with ESKD, I was evaluated to get on the list. My luck, prostate cancer was found. Now 2 years after treatment for cancer, my levels has been 0 for the 2 years. Would I ever be considered to get on the list or is my past prostate cancer disqualifying me?  My doctor first said yes if I was free of C for 2 years. He now has changed opinion saying I would not get on list.

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    Have you talked to the transplant center? They will be able to answer your question. I’m a breast cancer, diabetic stage 5 ESRD, chronic ulcerative colitis survivor. I went through all the testing and doctor visits and I am on the “list”


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      I'm diabetic stage 4 not on dialysis and I'm on the list awaiting for kidney transplant. I was diagnosed for prostate cancer which I was advised to have the surgery. So I did had the surgery back in September 2016. Recovered from the PS surgery follow up all and one day I asked my nephrology will this PS problem which was taken care of effect me being on the kidney list? My doctor told me he'll check with the Cordinator for the kidney transplant. The results was that they looked into my medical lab test after the healing of my surgery (PS) Concluded that I will still remain on the list.


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