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Wanting to hear from recipients about post kidney transplant.....

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    I am 8 months post transplant and I can tell you that the change is amazing! I can do things I only dreamed of doing throughout this journey. My son noticed a difference within 2 days. My friends noticed a difference in coloring 2 hours after transplant. Yes, it is still meds and doctors, but the quality of living is so far above anything I have experienced since I was tiny.


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      HI, I had my transplant a year and 8 months ago. I am doing very well with the one live kidney working at GFR 84-88. After my transplant I told the doctor that my skin color made me think I was jaundice. He laughed and said that my coloring was very good and I probably did not see this good healthy look for a long time. He was right.
      Even now people will tell me how good I look. I praise God for such quality of life. Dialysis was hard on me as with others. I had so many surgeries on my fistula arm in three years. It failed two times where I had a catheter placed in the chest. The last catheter was taken out after the transplant after being in for 6 months. I did have a hernia (and surgery) this year and am doing fine since March. I have been told not to exercise more than just walking and doing things around the house. I am active although the bone density problem limits how much walking I do. That is an affect from dialysis and old age. I received my new kidney when I was 69. My family and friends are so grateful to my donor as am I. Best of luck.


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        Transplanted Dec 20 2017. I am very happy with my new kidney. It came from a young friend that fell asleep in death almost 3000 miles away. It is still hard for me to fathom how his parents (also close friends) literally thought of this possibility even before a doctor or nurse asked what they might want. At the time I was unaware they even knew I was on the list. My family never spoke of it to them and when there son last came to visit we never mentioned it to him. I am now 7 months post transplant and labs are great! I personally am still challenged by all that has taken place but grateful god has turned a tragedy into something good. We have drawn even closer to the donor family all of them, aunt, uncle, cousins and grand parents. The uncle who lives here flew to the East coast and helped care for the family during the procurement and flew here to the West coast for the transplant. Adjusting to the new normal is difficult but I can say I am Very, Very Happy.


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          Hello all. I've been reading these posts in preparation for a transplant. I've been on dialysis for almost 3 years and will be 60 next month. I started with hemo 3x a week and switched to PD just over 2 years ago. I work full time and am active (or was) in theatre. The treatments have put a damper on that for now. A friend of my sister's graciously offered to donate when she found out my situation. I was floored. She's currently moving through the battery of tests to make sure she and her kidney are healthy enough. We already know she's a match. The waiting/anticipation is killing me. I know that all will be well soon and I can get my life back.
          Thanks to everyone who has responded here. You've been very encouraging. Good health to all.
          Never give up! Never Surrender!


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