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Disability Staus After Transplant ??

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  • Disability Staus After Transplant ??

    I am working with my transplant coordinator to get on the transplant list. I am filling out worksheets for Insurance and medical coverage for medications after transplant. My question is: after kidney/pancreas transplant, are you still considered disabled...still covered by Medicare/Medicaid for renal failure?

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    I believe you are covered for 3 years post transplant, unless you are 65 of course. You certainly don't look it by your member pic ; )


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      Why Thank you. No, I am only 42. After the three year period, are you on your own then? Back to the work force to get a job and pay for the anti-rejection drugs taken for life?


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        Yes, I was on peritoneal dialysis before my KP transplant back in October 1999 (which lasted an amazing 11+ years). You stay on disability with full benees for a full three years. If you start working again your disability benees would be adjusted accordingly. You must contact SSA if you start working again. My name is Rick Keeler and currently on hemo 3X/week at Davita Pasadena, MD. Doing great!

        Taing the immunosupressant drugs is expensive w/o insurance although there are plenty of places to go to for help concerning that.
        And with ObamaCare going into full force in 2014 that will also make it easier and more affordable for all to get insurance!
        Thank God we don't have Romney in office!.


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          I had my 2nd kidney transplant in 2005 and Medicare covered me up to the 2 yr period, but at the time I had Medicaid. Now I do not have medicaid because of my husband makes to much on unemployment, that hurt! Now im under anthem insurance only when my husband is working. It's been a struggle. But thank God for my social worker for helping me apply for the grant at the drug company who this past yr has helped me keep my transplant meds! I didn't know what I was going to do, because we didn't have a way to pay for those expensive drugs and pay a mortgage and regular monthly bills. This has been an issue many people fast.


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