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  • Failing Transplant

    I am just coming up on my 6 year anniversary for having my kidney, graciously gifted to me by my older sister. I received a call from Mayo Clinic the other day, expecting to set up my 6 year follow-up appointment. Unfortunately, to my surprise, they wanted to set up a pre-transplant evaluation instead of the regular 6 year follow up appointment. I knew this was coming but boy did it throw me for a loop!

    I keep looking back over the past 6 years thinking about everything I may have done "wrong" to hurt this kidney. While I can't think of anything specific, I still feel like I failed my sister and myself. I have obviously been through all of this before but for some reason this time I am really scared.

    Does anyone know if consecutive transplants work as well or as long as first transplants? I have tried to find information online but have not been able to find anything that is very helpful.

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    Re: Failing Transplant

    I'm so sorry your transplant is failing.
    I can understand your fear, disappointment and/or frustration.
    As long as you've been doing what you're supposed to (meds, and lots of h2o) then you've done nothing wrong.
    Unfortunately, not all transplants last forever
    It would be great if they did, it's a fact that they don't.
    While some fail/reject right away, others in a few yrs and some last many many yrs, there are no guarantees.

    I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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      Re: Failing Transplant


      Are you sure they just don't want to just do pre transplant testing to make sure every part of your body in function. Stress test, colonosopy, dental, and blood to make sure everything is okay.

      I hope that that's all it is. But think positive and don't be scared god will watch over you and you haven't done anything wrong so don't worry. Sometimes we let little doubts cloud our thinking. Go with god and keep your faith.


      Diagnosis with Stage 4, GFR 16%
      Non diabete, normal BP
      November 2007

      Today and tomorrow I am blessed by
      God and His Angels


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        Re: Failing Transplant

        Thank you both for your responses.

        No, I know I have not done anything "wrong", I have taken my meds, filled my body with fluids, lived life like there may not be a tomorrow. In the past 6 years that my sister has given me I have been able to watch my children grow, experience things and places I never thought I would ever be able to experience and met the most wonderful man in the world.

        It surely helps to sit back and focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

        I know I am getting worse. My lab results and my body clearly show it, but I also know that things can and will get better. Thank you both for the pick me up!


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          Re: Failing Transplant

          I'm sorry that you are facing this now.....I can only imagine that there would be some feelings of guilt but try to push those aside because you of course have done nothing wrong, I'm positive your sister would not want you to feel that way. You sound like you have an awesome attitude and you are quite right, there is a new chapter in your life awaiting you, one with a new kidney and new adventures. This will only be a slight bump on a road called "Life". God bless you! Lilly


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            Re: Failing Transplant

            Life goes on and can be great! My first transplant was way back when they were totally experimental, 1975, my 2nd in 1996. Okay I'm on the list for the 3rd time, but I have done sooooo much with the years each transplant gave me! You'll see, all will be okay in God's time! I'll keep you in my prayers.


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              Re: Failing Transplant


              Your transplant situation is a bit like mine. My first Tx from my brother lasted 5 years. My doctors and I learned a lot about FSGS from that kidney as the disease appeared within months. The second time around my docs and I agreed that it would be better to go with an unrelated donor as FSGS can be familial. I also sought out another specilaist to attempt to prevent it's reoccurance.

              Kidney #2 from my husband was a 3/6 match and hasn't shown symptoms yet! My neph says the longer FSGS doesn't appear in this kidney the less likely it is to destroy this one.

              A difficulty is that others might doubt that you "took care" of the first one enough, especially when it's family. They just can't know enough about renal failure to judge, but it's family, so sometimes they judge anyway.

              Well wished the second time around. I was older, but wiser, and was in a better position to advocate for myself.

              Take care, Missie
              Diagnosed FSGS 1998
              Related Transplant 2004
              Unrelated Transplant 2009


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                I'm sorry you are losing your transplant. My first one lasted 31 years, and my second one is now four years. I know several people who have had very long-term kidney transplants with their second transplant (25 or more years). Kidney transplant failure can be caused by multiple things, so please don't feel guilty.


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                  My mother's first transplant lasted just about that long, and I can guarantee you she did EVERYTHING right, yet it still failed. Keep in mind that any kidney transplant should be considered temporary, and that transplant surgery is not a panacea; it opens up as many new problems as it solves.


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