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Would you help a kidney donor become a mom?

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  • Would you help a kidney donor become a mom?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am writing this for my friend who is a living kidney donor. She have had a kindey donation, seen a rejection, two miscarriage and a failed ivf in the last 4 years. She and her husband do not have any funds left and got some assistance from family and friends, but still are facing a huge gap for the next IVF cycle. Both she and her husband are now registered organ donors.

    I'd greatly appreciate if you can read her story here and share it with your friends and family. Even just praying for them would be a great support. They can do with every best wishes!


    Thank you for your time to read it.

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    Thanks everyone for spreading the word. The donations have slowly started coming in. Nony has also shared an update on the board for those who wants to follow the progress.



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      There are many children in need of good parents. Adoption is the ultimate gift of love that any parents could bestow upon a child who has been forsaken for whatever reason. Because of all the health issues your friend has, why not choose adoption? The cost to adopt a child is a fraction of what IVF costs and there are no physical health risks to the mother. If this family truly wants to love a child and Ego is not an issue, I would highly recommend looking into adoption as the perfect solution to their needs and the needs of a child who desperately wants to be loved!


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