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    I am not going to lie, I have regrets about donating a kidney to my sister. She was a horrible alcoholic and had liver failure that almost took her life. It killed her kidneys and she had to go on dialysis and have excess fluid drained off her abdomen every month or so. It was a miracle her liver recovered, and her illness cause my parents such grief, as you can imagine. She was put on a transplant list for both a liver and kidney. My mother asked me to go through the process of being evaluated as a donor because the doctors told them that having a living donor for the kidney increased her chances of getting a liver. So obviously I agreed.

    We were a perfect match... the only way we could have been more perfect was if we were identical twins. I was approved as her donor and that was that. Until over a year passed and my mother called me to tell me that we could proceed with the donation because my sister's liver had recovered enough.... WHATT?! But then, of course I felt obligated. I mean, this could give my sister back quality of life! I was required to redo a lot of the health tests and was told I was healthy enough, and was further assured my one kidney would take up the slack for the one they were going to remove. Fast forward 4 years... and the one kidney has not. I do not " totally" regret this decision but there were things they didn't tell that my blood pressure would go up, I have to limit salt and protein, nor was I in any was prepared for the post-operative pain and recovery. I have conflicting feelings about being a hero... or the sacrificial lamb (I know that is dramatic). Anyway, for those considering donation, not every donation has a great outcome!

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    I have a sister but I doubt if I could make that sacrifice knowing how she did not take care of herself. Bless you! You are an angel!


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