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time for fistula and PD tube?

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  • time for fistula and PD tube?

    I'm at 15 gfr now, down from 18 4 months ago, and wondering whether to get a fistula AND
    PD tube. don't know how long I will remain without dialysis.
    could be months or years (I hope). should I get these or
    wait till the last moments? any advice.

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    Based on my personal experience, I'd say get the PD catheter now, but buried.(as in tucked under your skin) I had a buried catheter for over two years..no special procedures required during that time. When I was down to 7% kidney function, the catheter was brought through my skin (about 10 min. procedure with local freezing) and I started PD. The thiking on doing it sooner rather than later is that if things take a sharp downturn, you're ready to go on PD right away.


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