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PD draining

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  • PD draining

    Starting to figure out if I can do Home PD, My bedroom is pretty far from the toilet. Does anyone know if there is some kind of container that a PD machine can be connected to overnight and then dumped in the morning?

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    I do PD and usually you can get drain bags or a drain container to drain into. I use drain bags which connect with the tubing on the machine. My fluid drains into the bag during the night and then I just dump it later when I'm done. Even if I had a toilet close by, I would still use the drain bag as it helps keep better track of my fluid as being able to check it each morning to make sure the fluid is clear and whatnot.


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      ABRENNAN78, Thanks, I have been looking all over the internet and could not find the answer to what I thought would be a common problem.


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