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Kidney diet question

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  • Kidney diet question

    I was wondering do any of you following a kidney friendly diet eat or drink items that you shouldn't have if you work the sodium,phosphorus and potassium into the equation? example a chocolate bar or milk. Still trying to figure out how to balance food items.

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    I am caregiver for my husband, who is going into his 5th year of pd. Yes, for the most part he follows a strict kidney friendly diet. I use the app KidneyDiet to track the numbers. Whenever he eats anything, I enter item and it keeps a running balance throughout the day. That being said, on occasion he will enjoy something he craves, in small quantities of course. We do go out for restaurant meals on occasion. We are occasionally invited out to friends and asked what he can eat, I just tell them, a glass of water and a toothpick then say whatever you prepare is fine, I'll just look the other way when he helps himself. The next few days after, a strict renal diet is adhered to. He has a monthly blood test and his numbers are always well within acceptable range so I guess we have a handle on it???


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      Thanks mamasamford. I am not on dialysis yet but trying to eat right. I haven't eaten in a restaurant in very long time. And the few times I have I eat salad. Of course worried that I will eat wrong. Not like I eat perfectly at home. I eat things that add up right but all wrong to eat if that makes since. I am glad everything works out for you and your husband.


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        Well, I WAS occasionally drinking a Nepro shake, but at $3.50/each, they got a bit pricey, so I've switched to a high-protein, 240 calorie chocolate shake. It's a bit higher in K and Ph than I like, but still within reason, and only $1.25/each. I also occasionally have mushrooms, orange juice, tomato sauce, peanuts, and even chili (albeit one made with less tomato, and with white beans instead of black). My K and Ph blood levels are still within acceptable levels.


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          Thanks dac..You seem to have figured the diet thing out well. Thank goodness I don't have to be to strick yet my numbers are doing good. Also I don't happen to like the things I can't have (mostly) so that works. But I miss eating out because I can't figure out how to manage it without going crazy. I do miss my occasional chocolate. I have a killer chili recipe that I haven't eaten in a long time. Not sure if it would be the same with less tomatoes and different beans though.


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            Those nepro drinks are outrageous. Barry brought home some from dialysis and then he couldn't drink them. I went to walmart and got some whey protein powder and make him his own little drink for a lot less. Right now, his numbers are good enough for the baked potatoes and he loves them. He eats salad and green beans also. No binders yet, so we are trying to keep it all in range.


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              If it helps anyone, I use an app on my pad called Kidney Diet. It shows a body outline with red kidneys as the icon. It's been a good resource for me in planning meals for my husband. You can add your own foods and keep a daily diet with your doctors guidelines. We are still working out some of the foods he likes, vs. what he can eat safely. Maybe it will help someone else too. I love the recipes here on the site, and the ability to add my own to help with portion control.


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                Awesome Debra! I will have to look that up and download it. Thank you


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                  Thanks Debra I also have one on my phone called my diet and another called nutrition data. But I like the tracker on this site the best so far. I will have to look up the Kidney diet app.


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                    There are all the pages of high/low potassium/phosphorous food lists as you know. ( and other sites have these..just Google)

                    Choosing Spinach which is higher than cauliflower is a minor change to make. But typically ALL meats are much higher in both minerals than any combo of veggies!! The renal dietitian wanted me to stop broccoli, avocado. almonds and spinach..but told me to continue with meat. well..if I drop meat I can eat all the other veggies in quantity..with no high numbers!!

                    With CKD we need protein, but don't process it well in animal version/eggs/cheese/dairy. SO you play a numbers game with what you can have. The advantage of veggies is they pass thru the digestive system and don't create the oxidative waste for the kidneys to have to haul away…these ROS components pile up, and function drops.

                    I was fortunate when RCC was discovered in 2010 that I was pushed by a friend to try a vegetarian diet…
                    I muddled along with the German Budwig diet.. did it help? It certainly BETTER than the crap I was eating ( high sugar that fed the cancer most likely) so ANY diet including real veggies would have helped…but because I cut out sugar, processed foods, and dropped meat for 8 months I was able to lose 35 lbs easily, AND, unknown to me, I raised my GFR in the GOOD ( now CKD) kidney…

                    what I learned helped me to adapt to vegetarian style for good later when CKD Stage 3-4 was the problem in the remaining kidney.

                    We all know that processed foods have preservative ingredients IN the foods not for OUR health, but for "freshness, appearance & long shelf life"…or for transport and storage. We no longer buy from local farmers, so end up eating foods from 3,000 miles away, or Peru... Feeding a nation of 320 M people is a big job, we all can't grow a garden, so I don't blame the 'system'.

                    you have to remove yourself from the standard Safeway/Grocery store system..and that is often difficult to learn/do, and costs more of course.

                    I would rather pay $10. a day* to take my Amino Acids, avoid meat, and KEEP in Stage 3b for years longer.

                    * average for 3x serving is <$6. for 150 lb person. I use more due to higher bodyweight, and energy needs. AAs replace meat to provide muscle building support, and avoid malnutrition.

                    Medical Nutrition Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease Improves Biomarkers and Slows Time to Dialysis….

                    Low protein diets and outcome of renal patients


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                      I cannot seem to find this tracker- I think I bought the wrong app. Is there a way to find the one you all mention- the tracker is what I need.


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                        I am not sure what I should eat on a kidney diet. I am on stage 2, some say eat anything until it gets worse like my Dr. said. I am thinking about getting complete DNA tests later to help my diet,it also shows if you need Gluten free foods.


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                          I was on PD dialysis for 2 years and changed my diet to a Paleo Diet and I have been living off dialysis for 3 years now and my GFR has remained steady. My diet has helped me eat clean so my kidneys don't have to do a lot of work, which they can't do anyways. Read more about my journey on my website:

                          I promise you will feel better!!


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                            Maggieocarroll, try the free Planner and Tracker on this site. It is under Diet Helper. It is easy to use, and you can plan the entire day's food. You just set it up with the limits your doctor sets for your particular stage of disease, and it is so easy to put in the foods you want. It even keeps a record for you. It makes life much easier at our house.


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                              I use the free Planner and Tracker on this site but, not their menu plan.They have different headings,salads,soups,breakfasts etc.under recipes.I am on a 1500 calorie diet.They have lots of recipes under different categories that are not under substitutes.
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