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  • Lost

    Im feeling lost,depressed. I feel i received no help with kidney disease stage 4.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I'm stage 3 and feel awful most of the time fatigue, nauseas,little appetite. My doc doesn't seem too concerned about my symptoms according to him not related. For the past year I've taken to the internet to research natural remedies but also consulting with nutritionist aware of my lab reuslts. I guess what I'm saying is that I've had to advocate for myself for a measure of peace at mind. I know my body. Another thing that has helped me is staying active and helping others where i can. That way I don't feel so helpless. Constance, know that you're not alone although we all have differing circumstances.
    I pray all the best for you.


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      Hi Constance

      I'm very sorry to read you have had so many challenges to obtain help with your kidney dx. So much of what Live1ce wrote is true. Personal experience has taken me to the route of self care, advocacy for my own health and using my nephrologist for blood work. I have my blood work done every three months because I only have one kidney.

      My kidney health is a yo yo...I've been as low ast 17% gfr, and a high of 41% when first dx'd. Now I'm fluctuating between mid 20's and low 30's.. If you haven't seen a dietitian please do so, bring All your latest blood work. For me, this was The Best Move I made towards regaining kidney health.

      I post info in the intro section, stage 3 kidney disease ...I hope there will be something that will assist your health!! There is No Such thing as a stupid question, please do post or send me a message.

      Take care, ml


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        Mi, I truly appreciate all of your suggestions. I feel blessed someone out there cares. My health has declinded and so has my kidneys. But im trying to stay active that helps my head. Its like a release from all my stress. Thank you,Constance


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          I have been on hemo dialysis for almost seven years now. Looking back I should have started way sooner than I did. Before starting my labs had gotten so bad they were surprised I was not in a coma when I finally ended up in the hospital. Since starting dialysis my labs are back on track and I have way more energy to be able to go to work and play with my grandkids. There is life after starting dialysis if it should come down to it. I have techs that have had parents that have been on dialysis over thirty years. I hope that you never have to start. But if it is necessary life can be lived abundantly.
          I was given advice to do hemo in the evening. You have most of your day to do what you wish. Then can come home go to bed and be ready for the next day. It has been really good advice for me anyway.


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