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ckd stage 3 & beets

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  • ckd stage 3 & beets

    I was recently diagnosed with CKD (stage 3). I just had an ultra sound done - which showed that I have bilateral small kidneys; and a lot of lab work done. I am still waiting on the results from those tests. My eGFR is 51, the BUN/CREATININE ration is 24; Urea Nirtogen 28; creatinine 1.16. Sodium is 137; potassium 4.0, protein total 6.5 This is from the fasting lab that was done on June 14th.
    The doctor said that I could continue to eat the way that I have been; which is mostly raw fruits and veggies, with some egg whites, a little meat (usually chicken and pork once a week for each) and seafood - salmon, tuna, haddock, cod.
    I am about to purchase fresh beets to make some pickled beets (some sugar or substitute, apple cider vinegar, and pepper) but am not sure that I am going to be able to continue eating beets (I only have maybe 1 oz of the pickled beets added to my salad when I do have them, which is not every day).
    Would anyone happen to know if this will be acceptable. I don't see the nephrologist until the 14th of August.
    Thank You.

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    I'm also stage 3.
    Have been feeling lousy this last week.
    I'm going to try this recipe for pickled beets.
    3 lbs beets
    2 c Apple cider vinegar
    1/2 c sugar (not substitute)
    1 tsp whole allspice
    6 whole cloves
    3" stick cinnamon
    Cook beets 25 min or until tender.
    Discard liquid, cool slightly slip off skins.
    Combine vinegar, water & sugar.
    Place allspice, cloves & cinnamon in cheesecloth, tie.
    Heat to boiling, reduce heat & summer 5 mins.
    Pack beets in hot sterile jars 1/2 " headspace. Discard spice bag.Do
    Process 30 min


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