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My doctor gave me a bleak timeline

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  • My doctor gave me a bleak timeline

    I had an appointment with my nephrologist the other day, and he said that, based on my test results over the past year, i have 5-10 years before total renal failure. The suspected cause is IgAN, which i had as a teenager, but it seems to have returned. I've been trying to eat right, exercise more, and do what i can to be healthy, but this news hit me hard. A transplant might be an option, but if it is IgAN, the new kidney will start taking damage too. I consulted Dr. Google (a bad idea, i know), which suggested an average lifespan on dialysis of 5-10 years. So if a transplant won't work, I might have 20 years at the most? I'm 34 years old, and 54 is pretty young still. I just feel so helpless, like, even though i'm doing everything i can i'm still losing kidney function. What if i'm unlucky and i get 5 years before dialysis, and 5 more years on it? I know, it's pointless hand-wringing, but i can't help but be worried. Is there anything more i can do, or should i just keep up with the diet and exercise and try to ride it out as best as i can?

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    Hang in there. New products may be available in the future. UCSF is working on a bionic (computer chip) kidney & UCBerkely is working on 3D printing kidneys. Already being used for practice on kidney surgeries. We know not what the future holds.


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      How long do you think it will take before this bionic computer chip be ready?


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        Hi...Yes! very challenging information from your dr. I do think though, your efforts of self care, in regard to diet and exercise count for A Lot!! Consider where your health would be without you putting into effect health saving actions.

        The next thing, getting that kind of news is scary, and panic can take our brains to places that are not nice to travel Dr. Google. Your dr. telling you 5-10 years on dialysis, well check out some of the stories on davita, you find that upwards of 10-20 years on dialysis.

        As posted above, there are So Many New interventions coming out...even artificial kidneys machines that are surgically implanted that filter blood!! Again all in the trial phases, modern medicine is just growing leaps and bounds.

        So please try to stay in the present, do what you can each day for self care, and happy kidney care. Davita is a very large site, so there is a lot of info, and lots of stories that I truly hope if you read you'll find hope and support.

        Take Good Care, ml


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          Hi, recently at Easter actually i had my nephew come to me and in front of my son say" oh i hear you only have two years to live" i was so shocked and my son was mortified thinking i wasnt telling him something. Im only 49. My point is people come up with strange timelines when in fact they are not correct. Your doctor should not be telling you these sorts of things in my opinion. For what good? To worry you for the next ten years? I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a starting GFR of 15. From my insurance and understanding at 10 dialysis will start. What ive found out is your GFR will fluctuate with what you eat drink and how you care for yourself. Amazingly ive been able to bring my GFR as high as 40. It has since dropped again. My point being i believe only God knows when our time here ends and you should not take that timeline to heart. Treat yourself well, eat right, drink water (unless otherwise restricted) live life and dont worry. We all must take a day at a time. I wish the very best for you. Im sorry that was said to you because now its seeded a worry thats not good for you to focus on. I would not take such timeline to heart and enjoy each day as best you can. God bless


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            Hang in there, 3 and 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (blood cancer) which caused ESRD for me, my GFR was a 7. The cancer is in remission, and I am doing home PD dialysis which makes me feel great, I feel like my old self. ESRD is not a death sentence, no one has told me 5 years on dialysis and that's it. I am only 56 now, all my stuff came on when I was 53....


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