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  • Sweating

    Hi ive been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease about two years ago. My Gfr was 15. Now im noticing that when i do something slightly physical i will start sweating profusely my breath will be short and my face beat red. Im talking about something as simple as moping my kitchen floor. Is this normal? Also i have small rashes all over. Is this part of it. Thanks for your help. Just wanted to know if this is normal (par for the course) with kidney disease? Thanks

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    Anyone?? Just wondering what you all experienced?


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      Yes, sometimes it is like that for me. Rashes do happen sometimes. Your doctor should be informed. Mine referred me to a cardiologist because heart failure can go hand in hand w/kidney disease (depends on different things) Talk to your doctors nurse too, they know a lot. I've learned that my diet is what triggers all of the weird CKD symptoms. TALK TO YOUR DR., you should be seeing a nephrologist at least every 3 months.


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        I'm in stage 4 and I've had an itchy
        rash and my Dr told me to use benadryl cream. It works.


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          I agree with Cheysnana, you need to go to a cardiologist. Kidneys have a huge impact on heart and lungs. I found out I have CAD and A-Fibs. So please get checked out. Know we all hate the sweats.


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