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Water Consumption

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  • Water Consumption

    Hello, I am Karen, I am in stage 3a kidney disease. My reg Dr. tells me to drink more water......what is the best water to drink..So many waters add minerals and stuff. I want clean, good, water. How much am I supposed to drink? I also have chronic pain, now I am told after many many years of pain....that pain meds cause kidney problems!! Never knew that. I hope that someone can advise me. Thank you

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    Water that comes out of a faucet is fine.


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      Hi Kdennis

      Quite frankly I 'Hate" the taste of my tap water with the floride and chlorine content. My nephrologist told me to drink filtered water...I bought a Britannia gallon pitcher and the filters...depending on the level of ckd, 1-3 stage drink half your body weight in water per day...check with your doctor up slowly
      Bottled water is so processed, even if it says 'spring water' you're paying too much.

      You mentioned your 'regular' doctor suggested drinking more water...perhaps you could think about seeking a referral to a nephrologist/urologist as they specialize in kidney disease. You could also think about a referral to a renal dietitian now to keep you at stage 3a..lots you can do with diet/exercise...some foods can cause inflammation which can create pain.Tylenol is probably the least damaging to your kidney, it's not classified as a nsaid...check with your dr first...

      Take care, ml
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        Im a pain patient as well. I can not drink our city water and frankly with all the additives, and floucant i wouldnt want to. I buy filtered water with zero additives. Thats what i like the best. I do not think city water would be good for a person with kidney issues. There are too many additives. I hope this helps. Most city water has added flocuant, chlorine, fluoride, ect. The less chemicals the kidneys have too filter the better.


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          I like zero water ! taste great and no chemicals. I hate tap water or plain bottles water.tried all types. nestle slash is also good ! hope this might help


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