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Rapid rise in creatinine

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  • Rapid rise in creatinine

    My creatinine was 1.7 in early 2017. It went down to 1.2 last summer but back up to 1.9 in March. Now, a month later, it's at 2.15, which at 65 years old put me close to stage 4. I figure I am a goner with such a rapid rise. I am going to Boston for an appointment/second opinion in a few days but from everything I read I don't feel real confident that I will survive for long. The funny thing is I feel fine--no pain, no problem sleeping, standing all day as teacher, or even walking a hilly golf course. The only sign I have that something is wrong is that every day my ankles and feet swell up until I get home and take my socks off. Did anyone else ever had such a rapid rise in their creatinine?

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    greetings, I sure hope yu are seeing a nephrologist della80755


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      I am. Doc says I need a stent.I'm getting a second opinion in Boston tomorrow.


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        Good luck with your second opinion! I had a rapid rise in creatinine with Motrin during a root canal. It went up to 15 and I had acute kidney failure. I only mention this because certain meds can cause an increase and perhaps you have been taking extra pain meds?

        I was in the hospital for six days and dialysis for about 8 weeks. Kidney function is quite good now, considering, and I have a creatinine level of 1.26 presently. The dentist had prescribed 600mg. Motrin every 4-6 hours for endodontic pain. I was put in hospital within 24 hours. Scary!
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