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Slow down progresson of ckd

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    From what I have been reading it appears that life expectancy with CKD depends greatly on the so-called "co-morbidity" factors, e.g. diabetes, heart health, liver health, etc.
    Heart health, in particular, is said to account for a large percentage of deaths ..and the recommended thing to do is 30 minutes of walking or exercise per day..This was also recommended to my father after his first heart attack and he lived another 20 years after taking it up. Reducing weight is also recommended, although this is more difficult if there is water retention.. The exercise helps in any case, the only stumbling block there is the depression that sometimes crops up on bad days..for me it shows up towards the end of a busy week when I havent gone outside much.. I am thinking about increasing my Vitamin D or of taking the 20 000 units every six days instead of every seven days. In any case, in my own experience, going to the doctor alone won t solve anything unless you try to take control over your condition in a positive way.This website helps a lot.


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      Originally posted by Kimmy1017 View Post
      I am new to this was just diagnosed. Can your GFR go up? Does that mean you no longer have CKD? Mine was 46 last month and it is 70 this month. Do not understand

      So your GFR can be different due to other factors like how hydrated you are, when you last ate food, if you're fighting a cold, etc.

      There is not a great way to test for kidney function unless you have a biopsy.

      In general, Kidney function hasn't been known to improve unless you had a very short term infection in the kidneys and once that goes away, the function returns to almost normal. For the most of us...we will always have the same function.

      The only and BEST thing we can do, is eat right and exercise to reduce toxins in our bodies so our function never goes down.

      I did just that! for 5 years and going strong. Off dialysis now for 5 years after doing it for 1. GFR of 15!
      My story here:


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        Originally posted by Nutty777 View Post
        Please help - My husbancd's Creatinine and Bun are muich too high - What can we do to lower his numbers in both - he also has foam part of the time in his urine - what causes that? And how can it be prevented and corrected. Thanks so much. We did get his Potassium and Glucose down to a good number with a diet but I need recipes and diet suggestions. Thanks again. Margaret Nutter


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          Originally posted by Dea2016 View Post
          I am stage 3b ckd and trying to do all I can to slow down further progression. Have been reading research studies from NIH and other reputable places but can t find information on the length of time people are maintaining their level at diagnosis, except for one study recommending t3-4 supplementation for patients with pre hypothyroid conditions (high tsh). According to their chart, gfr went up by as much as 25%, peaking in year 3 and then back down to the starting level in year 5. Does anyone have any other information on this? I ve seen absolutely nothing relating to expected rates of degeneration, etc.

          Alright, I may not be an official test case, but I was on dialysis 6 years ago for 1 year. I changed my diet and my doctor took me off dialysis after only 1 year. He said he wouldn't normally do this, but my numbers with this new diet is making dialysis ineffective. So we gave it a try.

          Here I am 5 years later still going strong without dialysis and my GFR has remained steady at 15-17 range.

          What is my diet?
          Clean, Paleo basically.
          Paleo often includes sugars like honey and maple syrup and I also avoid these as I find they do hurt my kidneys when I eat them (kidney pain in my lower back)

          My story:

          It's important for me to share my story. It took me 8 years to finally be open-enough to share so please let it be an inspiration to others going through the same thing.

          I'm so passionate about this that I'm doing a Health Coaching Certification and I'll be fully certified Dec 2018.

          Health Coaching is a system that provides the right steps, in the right order, while also being held accountable for following through on your actions to finally reach your goals. These healthy choices will then become habits that last forever.

          Send me a message if you're interested.


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            When i was first diagnosed my GFR was at 15 with a careful diet and kidney friendly food , no salt ect. I got my GfR as high as 40. It has went down again but i realized it fluctuates. I stop all my medication but two. Now not everyone can do that of course and Always speak to your doctor Before you stop Any medication, but in my case it helped my GFR a lot. I have times it fluctuates down and up. It does not stay the same for me.


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