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Slow down progresson of ckd

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  • Slow down progresson of ckd

    I am stage 3b ckd and trying to do all I can to slow down further progression. Have been reading research studies from NIH and other reputable places but can t find information on the length of time people are maintaining their level at diagnosis, except for one study recommending t3-4 supplementation for patients with pre hypothyroid conditions (high tsh). According to their chart, gfr went up by as much as 25%, peaking in year 3 and then back down to the starting level in year 5. Does anyone have any other information on this? I ve seen absolutely nothing relating to expected rates of degeneration, etc.

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    That is because we are all different. Some people stay at the same stage for years and some go down hill quick.


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      I am new to this was just diagnosed. Can your GFR go up? Does that mean you no longer have CKD? Mine was 46 last month and it is 70 this month. Do not understand


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        I'm no Dr but sounds like you had acute kidney disease, not chronic.


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          I have the same problem Dea16. I can't get my doctor to even give me a ballpark figure on life expectancy. I just got diagnosed two weeks ago with Stage 3B (136 GFR) and I am trying to figure out if I should retire. I\m 65 and a high school teacher. I still love my job, but I don't want to be in a position where I call in sick every other week. That would not be fair to the kids..How much time I have left is a big factor. My kidney doctor will only say "Some people live a long time." I asked him what a long time was. Was it five years? Ten years? He just shrugged and said "yeah."


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            Please help - My husbancd's Creatinine and Bun are muich too high - What can we do to lower his numbers in both - he also has foam part of the time in his urine - what causes that? And how can it be prevented and corrected. Thanks so much. We did get his Potassium and Glucose down to a good number with a diet but I need recipes and diet suggestions. Thanks again. Margaret Nutter


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              regarding longevity people are living to around 85 - 90 these days. Theres a guy in my clinic who is 95 and another who is 22. Your kidneys go on you mostly because of high blood pressure, diabetes, and genetics I am told.. It's built in obsolescence like a light bulb. It lasts so long then the light goes out. don't worry about it. You can prolong your life but only for so long. In my case i have been on dialysis for 5 months and i am going to try not to worry about it. When my time comes it comes. In the meantime i will be grateful for the time I have. .I wish you all happiness and inner peace.


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