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Water consumption and swelling

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  • Water consumption and swelling

    I'm 52 with polycystic kidneys, with a propensity for stone creation. I had a stone scare last year, and ended up in the hospital for 4 days - two large stones blocking output for 2 days. After release, I was set up with my first Nephrologist. At my last appointment, my doctor advised me to drink 120 oz of water per day. I've been doing so for the past two weeks, and have noticed my hands are tight and swollen, and my lower legs get large red rashes if I stand for too long. I do not know if these things are related, or not. Am I maybe drinking TOO MUCH water?

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    Yes, you are.


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      That doc should be reprimanded


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        So how much water SHOULD I be drinking daily?


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          Cally417, dac0214 is correct. You almost assuredly need to limit fluid intake. If the Dr.wanted you to increase water intake he should have prescribed a diuretic for you to take. That helps you get rid of excess water your kidneys can't.


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            Iím new to this, but youíre probably supposed to drink more like 32oz a day. Your doc may assume that drinking more stimulates they kidney thus increasing function. That works up to a point, but when you get closer to renal failure you just retain too much water.
            So until you see your nephrologist, drink less. It also helps - at least it does for me - to have smaller sips all day rather then gulping down huge amounts when youíre parched.

            Go see a pro - Iím a novice at this. Good luck and donít be scared of whatís next, iíve had my first few dialysis sessions, itís not that bad.


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              It really sounds like you need to see a doctor about it..and maybe look into some natural diuretics like parsley, hibiscus tea, etc. you can find reputable sources on this on the internet, just make sure to describe your condition in the searches.. and walk or exercise, if possible. ATB


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