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  • The Power of Diet

    I've been stage 3 for about 7 yrs and was also prediabetic. In May my GFR was 45. I changed my diet to vegan and lowered my salt as much as possible with little or no cheating. Lost 13 lbs. Went yesterday for Dr. visit and bloodwork and got the results back this morning. My GFR was 66 making me now stage 2. Not prediabetic anymore either. The diet has been somewhat hard to get used to. It took me a while to learn to make things that were yummy to me but I have stuck with it and it's been worth it and I have found recipes that are new favorite meals. My doctor said she believes that the good results are because of my vegan diet. I was shooting for not getting any worse and am shocked it actually improved so much. Saying my blessings this morning!

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    Good for you. Iím starting to struggle with the diet. Iím stage 4 . Been on diet since October.Doing less that 1000 per day. I cook with no salt . Am I reading correctly. Your GFR is up to 66 and Stage 2. Did I hear correctly from my doctor? I believe what I was told that you can mantatin your GFR and not advance the stage but never go back. I hope I m wrong. Stay healthy.God bless. John


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      I've not had my doctor say that but I have read it repeatedly online so was pretty shocked that my tests say differently but they do. I go back for a full physical in 3 months and anticipate a repeat of the bloodwork being done. If it is still what it is this time, and I hope it will be, then you can improve it. It doesn't mean I don't have damage still. I am still stage 2 ckd. I am not cured. But if I continue on doing what I'm doing, I am showing improvement rather than decline. There was another post in the "I'm new here" part of the forum this morning where someone else showed improvement and went from stage 4 to stage 3 through diet. It's in the latest thread on that post if you want to go read their experience too. Shows how crucial what we put in our mouths really is. Good luck with your diet. It is worth it!


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        Hi I have Lupus nephritis, in December of 2016 I was at 43% I've also lowered my sodium intake and don't eat red meats for the past five months or so I'm at 83% kidney function. I go back to my nephrologist next month I always dread going to get lab work done to check renal fiction I always get worried I'll get bad results but I'm praying that if it's not better that it at least stays the same. So I do think it could be possible for kidney function to fluctuate and hopefully for the better. Best of luck to all and hope we can all get more improvements on our renal function 🙏🏼


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          This is so interesting to me. I am not new at CKD, but new to this forum. So glad to find you. My nephrologists says the numbers can fluctuate daily, depending on your intake of Protein, Potassium, Phosphorous etc. I have been "dieting" ever since I learned of the CKD, although I wasn't told to by my doctor. When I changed to a Nephrologists I got much better information about diet and disease. I've held at a 3a for three years, and I think adopting a partial vegan or even vegetarian lifestyle is worth trying. Thanks for all your info.


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            GFR numbers can fluctuate as much as Ī20 depending on your fluid intake. I 'cheated' my GFR numbers for about 2 years to avoid starting dialysis by just drinking a lot of water before my blood tests. Also, GFR blood test numbers are often inaccurate; the only TRUE test of your GFR is through a 24 hour urine test. Most who claim that their GFR numbers changed THAT much by diet are misinformed. Either they are 'gaming' the test (sometimes without realizing what they are doing), or else there is another physical reason for the kidneys to start working better. Lupus nehphritis is probably one of those ailments where kidney function can increase, but the vast majority of the time, CKD is NOT reversible.

            I've seen probably a couple dozen people come here with their 'miracle' GFR-increasing regimens. One poster thought that drinking a liter of mineral water each day was increasing her GFR and 'curing' her kidneys, when in fact, all she was doing was skewing the GFR test results. But people want to believe the impossible.......

            OTOH, the person who was pre-diabetic; yes, a change in diet will help that. Reducing sodium is a good idea for most people, and if you are pre-dialysis, a vegan diet will be a decent way to reduce protein intake at a time when your kidneys are becoming less able to process protein.


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              Glad your kidnes are doing better and that your doctor encouraged you to diet in stag 3. I had put myself on a diet after nephrectomy and gfr 39 and posted gfr 46 in the summer, but slacked off after my nephrologist told me to do an Italian diet without restrictions, so the GFR went down to 36 and - after going back to my initial diet - is back at 39 and hopefully going strong for more.
              So diet does matter, and I will no longer listen to anyone who telles me " no restrictions". all the best.


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                Do yourselves a favor people and don't fool yourselves, read DACs post 2 or 3 times if need be. He's giving you facts, he's trying to help you. SMH


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