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  • Ckd diet

    I am at a loss for good care here. So I pretty much am on my own. What I did find out is that certain foods affect me. I have cut out caffeine. So once a day decaf coffee or a cup of oolong tea. As a diabetic eating all that carb makes me sluggish. I omitted beef and fish. I eat lots of veggies and fruits instead of grain carbs. I am lucky I am not a big eater to begin withIf it were not for this site and the complete foods list at nephrology associates and my Merck manual for professionals I am not sure I would even have a fighting chance.
    I like using the cookbook to plan out my meals each day. It makes for great variety.

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    Are you on dialysis?


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      what are the best grains for CKD/Dialysis patients?i love plain unsalted air popped popcorn,plain unsalted brown rice cakes,basmati rice


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        If you are on dialysis, you should increase the amount of protein in your diet.
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