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  • Hi all

    My name is Becki. I am a SAHM (3) and foster mom (1) to 4 kids. My GP called me up last Aug 2010 late in the day and told me I needed to come in and talk. She's a friend and my Bible Study leader at church, but she's never done anything like that. I was blown away by her news. No one in my family has ever had any kidney trouble. She sent me for add'l testing and referred me to a nephrologist. He dx me with CKD, Stage 3, gFR=30 and told me to eat a diet low in phosphorus. Researching just what that diet was brought a lot of conflicting information. I'm so glad I found this website. It has the best, most practical info.

    I've had hypertension since 1998 and thought it was under control. I guess not.

    That's all about me.

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    Re: Hi all

    Welcome Becki! Feel free to share or ask any questions you have. We know the challenges you face and yes, diet is always a big topic here.
    May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

    Acute Kidney Function Loss 12/07 - GFR 39
    Current GFR 46 - Stage 3 - Controlled HBP


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      Re: Hi all

      Hi Becki,

      WELCOME to Davita Forums!!!!

      We know exactly what you're going thru!! If we can be of any help do let us know.
      We have a great group of people in different stages of CKD, caregivers as well as transplantees.

      Take care!!!

      I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!


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        Re: Hi all

        Hi everyone. My name is Judy and I'm stage 5 with no hope for a transplant. I go to Arrowhead Dialysis Center in Toledo, Ohio. Been on dialysis for around 2 years. I go 3 days aweek for 3:45 minutes. Last March I had to have one ( left side ) kidney removed because of kidney stones. Both kidneys were full of stones . Was having alot of kidney infections but my family doctor never done anything about it, Just gave me pills and sent me home. When he retired I went to another doctor and he sent me to a kidney doctor but before my appointment I went into kidney failture. Right to stage 5. Was in the hospital for over 3 weeks. I was in bad shape. I really thought I was dieing.Got to come home for aweek then right back for another 2 weeks. Was in and out of surgerys all last year. It's a shock to be fairly heathy one day working and everything then the next day stage 5. My head is still spinning but learning new things everyday. I've been reading your posts and have learned alot from here. We have a Divita center here in this city but they put me in Arrowhead. I'm hoping to learn more from everyone and make new freinds. Freinds are what everything is about.

        Stage 5
        dialysis 3 times aweek at center
        type 2 diabetic
        kidneys failed in Feb of 2010
        both kidneys full of stones
        removed my right one in March of 2010

        taking one day at a time


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