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GFR 78, Stage 2, Protein 30mg

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    My creatine is about 2.1 and has come down a bit. GFR is 25 or so. It turns out that I have one good kidney and the other one is only operating at 2%. I feel fine - blood pressure good, no diabetes. I do get tired and need a bit more sleep and rest. I did not realize the importance of the diagnosis when I first got it 4 years ago. One doc says dialysis or transplant and another says, it's my new 'normal' and I'll be good for another 20 years - I'm 60 so that's not too bad a prognosis!
    The diet is what has me spinning. I'm not really sure what I can and cannot eat.


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      "irishrooster" : Hello! I'm new at this site and so far am loving that there are so many other people that I can talk to who will understand what I am going through. I sincerely hope you feel the same way and know that you now have many new friends to talk to to help keep your spirits up. I was diagnosed with my disease 18 years ago and am in stage 4 of CKD. My GFR is between 21 and 23 (depending on which appointment you look at) which is borderline being put on the list according to my doctor and transplant team. Unfortunately everyone is different and no one can really tell you how soon your kidneys will fail. I was told I would need a transplant by the age of 27 and I'm 32 now with no dialysis or transplant. I think in my case trying to stay healthy the best I can and trying to keep a positive attitude does wonders, although I completely understand how hard it can be. I was diagnosed with major depression myself and went through a period of some pretty bad thoughts. I hope that you feel or will feel that you can open up to us and not be judged or not feel that you will be left. You have been through a lot and need people you can talk to.
      I hope this helps a bit...


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