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Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

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  • Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

    Since dialysis appetite has gone funny. I have stopped eating chicken as I can't stand it anymore. But you should see me eating ice cubes. I crunch on it like it's food. I go to McDonalds and ask for a cup of ice which thank god is free and sit in my car and eat every bit of it. At home I make sure we have plenty in fridge as I eat 10 each time. I think I can have a plate of ice for lunch and dinner and will be happy.

    Then there is all this strange cravings which last for short times. One was freshly squeezed lemon juice with salt and heaps of chilli powder. Damn....I used to get up middle of the night and make that and sit and enjoy it. Then came the "Oyster" episode. I used to watch You tube all day watching people eat it and drool. Then I went and bought one....ate it in my car and I don't think I wanna try it again. Then the episode of Green Mangoes with salt and chillies always comes and goes. But the worst one is eating Raw green chillies. I even have it for breakfast now. I go around the city looking for the hottest chillies in town and buy them. And live on them now. And you should see how many seeds I planted and the number of chilli trees happening in the garden.
    My craving is so bad that If I go shopping and happen to buy a pastry or pie.....I won't eat it until I go to a fruit shop and buy fresh chilies then go in my car and bite on them with my pastry. I even crush chillies and garlic in a pestel/motar thingy and just eat it like that. Its yummy. Imagine calling the hottest thing yummy,'s like my hot taste bud has died so don't feel it anymore.

    Does anyone else have weird cravings? I also live on raw rice...keep munching on it day and night. I can eat up to a kilo of raw rice.. Its yummy.

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    Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

    I can symphatize on your craving for ice, as this craving, is not strange for dialysis pts. there are many of us that eat ice like a bag of potato chips (LOL). I remember when I first started dialysis some two decades ago, the tech ask me if I wanted some ice, and I look at her like she had said something crazy or something. I said why would I want some ice. She said you may become dehydrated while having treatment, and we prefer that if patients get thirsty, that they eat ice chips, instead of water, because a cup of ice, will melt to half a cup of water, so it will keep the pt. from getting fluid overload, well after a few treatments, I surely began to crave that ice on hemo, but since being on PD for the last decade, I don't crave it as much anymore. Now, about your chili craving, I don't quite understand that craving, maybe you need to talk to your unit dietitian about it, because I don't know if it is harmful for you to be eating so much of that.

    Take Care


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      Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

      Hi. I too would worry about your chili cravings, especially if you are eating a lot...and it seems that you are. I would imagine too much spicy food is not good for you under the circumstances. As for cravings in general, I had terrible cravings at first for sweet things...while that might not sound unusual to many people, for me it was very unusual as I take care of my diet (before dialysis and now, after too.) I CRAVED anything sweet, especially right after dialysis. I even went to McDonalds and have some of their junk food, which I've never done before. Ever! (I'm vegetarian, mostly, for one thing.) I figured there was something missing in my diet to make me crave so much and that dialysis was upsetting the balance, etc. I spoke with my dietician and she said I am not eating enough protein. Being on dialysis, I needed extra. So, sure enough, I began eating more good food and the cravings stopped.

      With our bodies being overloaded with dialysis, it might be something similar in your may be missing a vital mineral or ingredient and you are trying to satisfy that by craving something hot. Just a thought and worth checking out with your dietician?


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        Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

        Oh ya...I do have weekly meetings with the dietition and she also rings me constantly reg. my blood results. I have to eat alot of protein as am lacking that and also my iron levels are shocking. I'm already on Aranesp injections weekly but it isn't helping. So she always encourages me to and eat. it's funny but tru. Am trying but it's hard to eat when u don't even feel hungry most of the times.


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          Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

          Yeah I can sympathize with the protien issue. It seemed as if no matter how much meat I ate my protien would gradually keep going down. I finally resolved this problem by using whey protien isolate. One tablespoon in my coffee each morning was enough to stablize my protien. Aranesp isn't going to help your Iron levels nor will it help your haemoglobin if you are iron deficient. You probably should be taking a supplement. Ever since I was first diagnosed I've been on 900 mg of ferrous fumarate (euro fer) and that with the Aranesp has controlled the anemia. What suplements are you on and if you are not... why not?


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            Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

            You must be asian?

            Asianpeople looooveee drinks made with ice.
            personaally I have plain ice bu love "ice crush" drinks.
            Those are like cubes of ice, tea, flavored jelly, coored cubes of fruits and jello...yum!

            Asian people also really like chilli and lemon or spicy foods quite often.

            for me I do not think I really have any weird cravings.
            I get extremely dehydrted thpugh and muscle cramps and the onlythings that seemto help are things w salt and also sugar.

            I think I probably need the sugar for evergy as I do not really eat much while there at medical things.


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              Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

              I had a craving this week for a orange. I could have killed to get one. Haven't had a orange in almost a year. Went the next day and bought one and wolfed it down. Still wanted more but only bought one so I wouldn't over eat. It sure was good. Made sure I took my binder so hope it doesn't mess up my blood work. I too crave stuff. I'm not a meat eater either. Use to eat lots of cottage cheese and peanutbutter. Can't have those any more. Now I eat eggs to try and get my protein in. I'm a stage 5 and need that protein. I would rather have veggies and cheeses but can't have any more. This diet is really hard but learning new things everyday.


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                Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......


                Be careful about the lemon juice and salt. They can damage your tooth enamel. Be sure NOT to brush your teeth for at least 30 minutes after eating anything that's highly acidic. I'm not on dialysis, but I sure do have weird cravings in stage 3 !! Check with your doc or dietitian about the chiles. Peppers of all kinds are very high in potassium. Perhaps they're ok once you're on dialysis.

                Take care,


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                  Re: Weird Cravings while on dialysis......

                  No Potassium is not all right after dialysis, it can still kill you quickly. It is definitly limited, thus no oranges, high in potassium, no tomatoes same reason and on and on. Potassium is a quick acting danger, stroke, heart attack, coma, its just plain bad news.
                  May God have mercy on us all


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