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New to ckd, with Addison's disease and hypothyroidism

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  • New to ckd, with Addison's disease and hypothyroidism

    Hello all - I just found out yesterday that my creatinine and egfr level indicate stage 3a kidney disease (creatinine 1.1, egfr 56). I was referred tO my Gp and then a nephrologist, which I will go to next week. I had a kidney stone 2 years ago, had it blasted and all seemed in order with my blood work, but I continued to have kidney pain. Urologist sent me for imaging, said there was no stone, but didn't pursue it further. Now this (which I found out as an aside from my ENT, go figure). Anyway, I also have Addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency)diagnosed for around 8 years, and hypothyroidism for 15 years. I am terrified about what to do- my electrolytes are screwed from the Addison's, and I generally eat a ton of salt to keep my blood pressure up. I also had been eating a high-ish protein, low carb diet, and am very confused about what to eat now. I gained about 20 lbs in the past year for no reason. I am very active. I have been having muscle cramping and severe episodes of dizziness since Memorial Day this year, and cannot find a reason. Went to every doctor and had every test (cardiac, carotid, balance, etc.) with nothing. This is all that was found, and I wonder if my symptoms along with kidney pain are all due to ckd. My Gp gave me xanax for the dizziness back in June, thinking it was anxiety. It helps at the worst of it, but I never thought that was the issue and still don't. It feels physical, and all of this came upon me just this summer, further solidifying my feeling that it something happened and it's a physical, not mental issue. I have had kidney and flank pain for yaers, but attributed it to my Addison's. thanks for listening, I'm flipping out until I get to see my dr.

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    Saw your post I also have Addison's and hypothyroidism. Do you take cortef for Addison's? Synthroid for thyroid? I have had to have both meds adjusted over the years to assure proper dosing. I'm not a medical person but perhaps because you've gained weight you need to discuss your dosing with Dr. Sorry to hear you are having additional problems on top of your new CKD diagnosis it's a lot to deal with.


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