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Just diagnosed... Stage 3 Kidney Disease.

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    I see that there are so many people who feel like me we are swinging in the breeze. The doctors don't seem to realize we need more than cut out dairy, red meat, salt etc. What do we add we do the research and go to a nutritionist. That is alright but when you are first told it means nothing because you are trying to wrap your head around it all. We want some reassuring we are not alone.


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      I had the same problem - had several years of checkups and concern about diabetes, and all of a sudden - by the way, you have stage 3 kidney disease! Now I am trying to find out what I can eat and what I can't eat between concerns for diabetes and the fact that everything I take in, food and medications, will be filtered through the kidneys and make it worse.

      Can I eat spices like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, turmeric etc. which is good for diabetes - but what about CKD?
      Before this I ate vegan - can I eat beans and lentils now? Must I eat some eat?
      Did somebody try Cannabis?


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        I'm also finding out I'm stage 3. And was freaking out about what to eat.
        Low sodium,low phosphorus,low potassium and good quality protein.
        The tracker on this site will help keep track for you.
        I'm a vegetarian too and ordered the book The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney disease.
        It's super helpful. Good luck I know it's overwhelming at first.


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          my gf r is 30 now but last year while in the hospital was told it was 19. I don't know how this happened. I take keyexalaye to get rid of potassium. I watch potassium and read labels. But up until a week ago ate red meat .I have just started drinking more water. I don't understand!


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