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33 years old with stage 3b CKD

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  • 33 years old with stage 3b CKD

    Hi, I posted in the introductions forum but I thought I should elaborate here a bit.

    I feel awful. My kidneys hurt, I'm worn out, and I generally feel about 20 years older than I am. My last GFR was 37, with a Creatinine of 1.76, but I just got tested again today and am waiting for the results. I see my nephrologist on Monday, hopefully they'll have some answers for me. Whatever is causing this seems to be progressing very quickly, and I don't know how long I'll have before dialysis is a necessity. My husband is very anxious, my doctors have been talking to me with a pitying tone in their voices, and I'm starting to worry.

    I'm new to CKD, in that it wasn't detected until I was fairly far along, but I do have a history of IgAN, though it seemingly cleared up in my late teens. I don't know if this is related to that, or not, but it does give me some insight into what's going on. Still, I have more questions than answers, and I don't know quite what to expect. But I know that even at stage 3b, I shouldn't be feeling this bad, so I'm concerned that since my last test I've degraded even further. I've been hydrating, staying away from too much protein and potassium, and basically doing everything that the doctors have recommended, but I'm still in rough shape.

    So, does anyone know anything that might make me feel better? Either physically or at least emotionally.
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