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Tracking Potassium Nutrient Values

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  • Tracking Potassium Nutrient Values

    Most food labels do not contain potassium levels. When I search their internet site and other food sites, I either don't find it listed or the same serving size is all over the place. I have looked at food analyzer and type it n a food item and it does not find it?

    Any advice?

    As you can tell I am new to all of this. I attended a kidney smart class last week after being diagnosed with stage 3 after a recent nephrectomy, so tracking ALL important nutrients is very important to me.

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    Currently potassium is not required on the food label, so many products do not provide it. Good news is that in 2018 it will be mandatory to include potassium on the label. The Diet Helper Food Analyzer includes only items that have a potassium and phosphorus value, so it is a small database. If you use the Planner and Tracker "Add Item" feature you will see a much larger database, but potassium is only included if the manufacturer includes in the information they provide.


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      I have stage 4 and am very frustrated with meals as I live alone since my wife of 51 years died last year. I want to keep a careful nutritional value record of what I eat, but have a hard time finding the potassium levels on items that do not list it on the label. Short of contacting the maufacturer, is there another way of finding the information?



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