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    Hi, Im Michelle, 47, from Michigan. Found out I had stage 3 ckd two months ago. My guess, from lasix abuse of 300mg a day or more, severe long term dehydration, family history and extremely high sodium and protein diet. Luckily I am symptom free, expect for fluid retention....but amazingly since Ive cut my sodium to 2-2500 mg a sodiym a day....go figure, very little swelling. Just hanging out here looking for ways to baby my beans.

    Btw....still take Lasix, BUT only 40 mg once a day . My kidney doc ok this

    Creatine 1.38
    Dipstick for protein ...none
    No hbp
    No diabeties
    Mother, aunt and uncle all had ESRF

    How accurate are dipstick yrine test???
    My kidney doc has ran many blood test but never 24 hr urine

    I was diagnosed w/mild vit d deficiency and secondary hyperparathyroid....which they say is common from ckd
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    Hi. I'm 48 from California. Stage 4. Unknown cause. Likely medication. Water pills and years of theophlline for breathing TROUBLE. My Gfr was 15 when I first found out. I was actually able to raise that to 40. However I have not been recently tested to know if I've risen or fallen back down (my own fault) if how I'm feeling is any indication I'd say I've fallen .welcome and although I'm New, over a year, if I can help with anything just ask. Remember your GFR can and will fluctuate. It's not set in stone. Diet, and drinking only water really helped mine rise. Although I've slid a bit lately on diet . It makes a great difference. Best wishes.


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      Wow....its awesome that you were able to raise it that far......hopefully its still holding. I try not to get so focused on the numbers....Im due for lab work at the end of the month and Im bracing myself if I see higher creatinine levels...although I feel fine...and thats what I like to focus on. In all honesty I usually have one cheat day a week, not too crazy though....I know for me if I restrict myself too much....I will definently end up eating poorly. I appreciate the "welcome" Ive read almost every post in these forums and some give me hope that maybe I could outlive dialysis.....and other stories terrify me. I guess one good thing is, now Im aware I have ckd....if not for a UTI, I would have went on eating poorly and doing more damage. I wish you well and keep in touch.



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