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I need help clarifying what I can and cannot eat

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    Originally posted by alanhanson View Post
    How much potassium in oatmeal.
    ​I love oatmeal and because of a bad tooth I am living on foods that don't have to be chewed.


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      Just looked at this site (https://www.nephinc.com/food-lists.html) and it's wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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        Are there any frozen dinners that are ok for 3rd stage kidney disease? Saw doctor today and my numbers are getting worse he says. I was so surprised because my kidney doctor raised hell with me for drinking Diet Rite Zero Cola and I actually quit drinking pop and have my self drinking only 16 ounces of coffee in the morning and nothing but ice water that rest of the day and night. I expected my numbers to go down but instead they got worse.


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          Don't eat frozen dinners. The amount of preservatives in them is high. Also the sodium. I think 16 oz of coffee is probably too much too. Everyone is different. Any canned answer will not work for you. Pay attention to what makes you feel good, vs. a little 'thick'...droggy...'heavy'. You will get really in touch with everything. Just remember the dr is trying to help save you. They see people all the time who ignore their words. I've seen people eating chips during dialysis. It's a passion for living that should make you eat and drink what is best for you personally. One final thought. You have a disease, and it's going to get worse - hence, your numbers are going to get worse. Bottom line, you have a lot of control in what you put in your body - but keep in mind it is a disease. Hope these thoughts are helpful.


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