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    I have stage 3B CKD. I had been able to go from 45gfr to 58 gfr over an 18 month period but when my Dr started interfering she cost me 15 points and falling over the last 8 weeks. I have stopped all medication including blood pressure meds as the good results were prior to any medication. Unfortunately there is little help in New Zealand for CKD people and definitely no help when you are type 2 diabetic with irritable bowl syndrome. I was on Candestartan cilexetil and Bendroflumethiazide Ta. I read a medical report that Candestartan can cause kidney problems and have had a 2nd Dr's opinion ( without knowing I had read this ) which confirmed this. Does anyone have any opinion of these meds? My last gfr was 43 and slowing but not stopping. I have been hit with fluid retention which I did not previously have so bad as now. I have sever tennis elbow in both arm which has been diagnosed as Arthritis for 4 years until recently when I couldn't move my arms or hands. I unable to walk far from previous shattered heel, my e bike sits looking at me and my gym equipment is getting dust from lack of use. I have premature muscle depletion and osteoporosis in the hip. If my gfr keeps dropping at the rate it is 2020 doesn't seem likely. I have put my affairs in order and secured my wife's financial future, so this stress has been alleviated and now I need to decide what next for me.
    Should I restart the blood pressure meds?
    Should I be seeking specialist help for the CKD at this point?
    This country does not start dialysis until gfr15 which if I read and understand correctly most first world countries start at gfr30 and it is time for replacement kidneys at gfr15.
    I'm 67 and struggle to eat enough to stay alive.The dietitian told me I only eat 60 percent of my daily requirements. Not easy to eat more when the stomach can't handle it.
    I apologise if this is a little disjointed, I'm not in a good frame of mind trying to find which way to turn. I'm not beyond banging a few heads to get what I want but any help here seems just out of reach at the moment. I need to form a plan of attack and set too delivering on it. Anyone got any ideas. I'm not into holistic medicine without proven facts. Nothing enters my mouth without knowing the consequences first.

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    Hello can’t answer a lot of your questions but your gfr is still pretty good at 45 that great you were able to bring it up to 58. I only take four meds that I have to. Are you thinking your kidney problems could be medication some medication can affect them. I am 63 and would love to have a gfr in the 40s I was in stage 3 for 20 years but my disease is genetic polycystic kidney.
    I know here in the US my doctor said where I live I can’t get on transplant list until my gfr is below 20 which I just hit last visit so he is putting in a referral for an evaluation at transplant center. He said I would not start dialysis until my gfr is about 10. If feeling really bad it could be 15 even if I had a gfr of 30 I would be extremely grateful.I Was doing great at gfr when it was 30. Usually at stage four they say definitely see a nephrologist but I been seeming one since stage one since you know you have a kidney disease I would definitely set up an appointment with a neph who could tell you best medication not to I interfere with your kidney . Blood pressure is a must to keep under control . You can even sign up for a no cost kidney class on here .
    At 67 with your gfr 58 your kidney are still in pretty good shape
    I wish you the best of luck friend in this kidney journey but yes go set up appointment with nephrologist I think they could ease your mind a lot


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