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Questions about the amount of fluid they take off and why

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  • Questions about the amount of fluid they take off and why

    My mom is on dialysis for almost a year now and she goes in every 3 days but the weekend. On average they take off a bit over 4 I think its killagrams but not sure anyway there telling her lately that she's been gaining more weight so they upped her to 4 times a week and she will go one day and they take over 4 off on water gain she goes back the next day and there telling her she's gained 10lbs. I'm not sure how this is possible because she's not eating or drinking very much at all now she's on dialysis. Some days shell eat candy bars for snacks and stuff more often but still I don't understand it. Could someone help explain the process or how all this works. Every time they take more than 4 she gets these awful leg cramps that actually twist her legs and then she's so light headed and sick the rest of the day. But if they only do just over 3 but not up to 4 its not as bad. They keep telling her she has to much fluid around her heart and they have to do it or she will die but her cardiologist has done ekos and ekgs and stuff and says her heart is so much better than it has been in awhile. If anyone can help me to understand all of this so I am able to help her better I would greatly appreciate it

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    Its kilos 2.2 lbs equals 1 kilo.So 4 kilos is about 9 lbs.Its not what she eats its what she drinks, goal is about 1 kilo, 2lbs per day need to drink 32 oz per day soup ect would be included in this 32 oz it will get better the more she goes the more old fluid that she has been holding will come off you saw this with her heart. They can adjust her dry weight as you go and get back to 3 days gum and mints help


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