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Is there a time to end up on dialysis for me?

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  • Is there a time to end up on dialysis for me?

    I have stage 3 CKD and my next nephrologist appointment is October 3. I am 24 years old and I am otherwise healthy besides the kidney disease. My GFR is 43 and last had blood and urine tests in June. My CKD was caused by glomerulonephritis. I control blood pressure. My blood pressure was high back in March and April when my CKD was diagnosed with the kidney biopsy and ultrasound done and afterwards getting the biopsy and ultrasound results. I have good blood pressure again. I do exercise at least occasionally. I am at a healthy weight. I follow my diet so well. Glomerulonephritis is the third leading cause of kidney disease and kidney failure after diabetes and high blood pressure. I am not diabetic and CKD caused high blood pressure in me and not the high blood pressure causing CKD in me. If I take care of myself I obviously can delay dialysis. Is this the right place to ask about if I will end up on dialysis eventually, like in a few more months or more than 20 years? Should I ask my nephrologist that instead? Even if I follow my diet and other lifestyle things with CKD I can end up on dialysis. But now I am knowing that even dilaysis isn't the end of the world. I guess everyone on CKD is different. Feel free to tell me here to ask my nephrologist about if I will ever be on dialysis.

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    Hi Jagb1992, those are all great questions. I would recommend that you ask your nephrologist as everyone's needs are different. Your local care team is the best resource to consult for any specific medical questions regarding your treatment plan. Best of luck!


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      My Dad is 90 with a GFR of 12 and although he sleeps a lot he is good and has great appetite. He has never done dialysis. He's had kidney disease for about five years.


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