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What to take for headaches ?

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  • What to take for headaches ?

    hello everyone, I suffer from really bad headaches from time to time and am not sure what is best to take for it. I have stage 3 ckd. Are allergy meds okay to take. I don't see my dr until next week and my head is pounding. I have extra strength tylenol but kinda cautious about taking it very much.

    any advice is appreciated, thanks in advanced


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    Re: What to take for headaches ?

    Tylenol is safe to take for kidney patients. You want to avoid Advil if possible. When in doubt, call your doctor's office and ask the nurse if something over the counter is safe or not.
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      Re: What to take for headaches ?

      You definatly want to advoid Advil or Aleve. Tylenol is the only thing my Neph says that I can take for pain. Icanvender is right about calling your doc and talking to his nurse about what you can take. They are usually very helpful.
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        Re: What to take for headaches ?

        my neph had asked me two years ago what did i take and I respioned bayer or ibprophen he said throw them Away.So the Best thing he said to take was Tylonol .


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          Re: What to take for headaches ?

          This really belongs in the prescription area but I did want to state that your doctor can prescribe other medications that you can take with relative safety to your kidneys so long as you dose as prescribed and follow through with all your regular lab work to monitor for any changes.

          Tylenol was not an option for me so I discussed this with my doctor and he determined what pain medications would manage my symptoms without doing any additional damage to my kidneys.

          Good luck in finding the right pain management!
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            Re: What to take for headaches ?

            Tylenol is recommended for renal patients unless they have a liver problem as well.
            Acetaminophen overdose or misuse can lead to acute liver failure, and sometimes even death. In the vast majority of cases, these serious adverse events are the result of accidental overdose.

            The recommended daily maximum for Extra Strength Tylenol 500mg tablets will go down from 8 per day to 6 per day, i.e. from 4,000mg per day to 3,000mg per day.
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              Re: What to take for headaches ?

              Tylenol may be better but it is still an OTC. And it only helps you with the symptom that is the headache. So it is ok only for temporary help.

              Try to figure out the cause so that you dont have to rely on the OTC medicines. Perhaps it is your blood pressure you to control. In fact, it was the cause of my headache, kidney problems, not so good feeling all over my body and etc. And after I control my bp, my weight, etc., I do not have any headache for the last 3-4 months.

              I think what u felt was correct. You may need to improve your blood circulation. Make sure you check your blood clotting. Bad blood circulation can cause many things unbalanced. Kidney can be damaged by the poor circulation of oxygen carried by blood. Thats why traditional chinese medicine (TCM) underline the importance of healthy heart. Believe it or not, I consume oatmeal 5-6 times a week for my heart sake.

              I strongly believe you will feel a lot better when you pay attention to your blood pressure (watch your weight, avoid salt, and excercise) and to your heart (exercise and watch your fat consumption). Your kidney will suddenly be better. You wont feel no headaches. And for me now, I feel like the problem with my kidney was a bless, reminding me of my poor overall health. Good luck with your better journeys!


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                I was prescribed Tramdol 50 mg by my Primary Care Doctor and I asked my Nephrologist if it was safe and he said it doesn't affect the kidneys. The problem is tht it is addictive and they don't like to prescribe this medication.


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