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    Hello. I hope someone can help me understand what my doctor isn't telling me. I think I should be seeing a nephrologist, but she just wants to keep an eye on a "large amount of albumin spilling," whatever that means. Thanks in advance for your response.

    I was told a few years ago, I was in stage 3 of kidney disease.

    Then, 3 summers ago, I got pneumonia and sepsis poisoning. My organs were shutting down, but after two weeks, I was sent home. I didn't know I had sepsis, nor did I know what it was; however, it caused damage and sent to various specialists.

    I was recently diagnosed with diabetes/high blood pressure - taking metformin/high blood pressure med.

    What I'm more interested in is the most recent numbers. Can anyone tell me what they mean?

    Creatinine, Serum High 1.09
    eGFR Low .53

    Microalbumin, Urine High 511.2

    Microalb/Creat Ratio High 392.3

    Hemoglobin Alc
    Helmoglobin Alc High 6.1

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    You can easily Google "lab test <fill in lab test>" and you'll get results back that you can read which will tell you what that is, and what it indicates when its high or low...and what a normal value is. There are some slight variations between labs so each lab print out should show their "normal" range right next to your results.

    If you're spilling protein in your urine (albumin is protein) you should consult with a nephrologist, and especially if you've been told you're stage 3 KD. Just say to your doctor "I'd like a referral to a nephrologist now please"


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