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  • Not another one!

    When I was diagnosed with CKD 3B last June, I was losing a pound a week on Weight Watchers and feeling great. Since then I've been frantically searching for foods that work for both diets, which is not easy because WW favors beans and whole grains and lots of other healthy foods that are bad for the kidneys. The osteo is caused at least partially by steroids that I take for my Stage 2 emphysema. I know I sound like a physical wreck, but I actually feel very good since I got meds that keep me breathing well.

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    Lois, I was diagnosed back in January. I have never used WW, myself. what I did, rather than WW, because I have a tendency to get extremely detail oriented (not quite O.C.D. but close). I cut out Pizza, milk, cheese, and tomato sauce product. Second, I VERY diligently weight every piece of food I eat. this has helped me work through this and still fee good. i have learned to gauge better by sight the size/portions of food. When/if i eat out, it's smaller, sometimes getting kids meals. For what foods to eat, or possibly ways to make it up at home, this site ( has a lot of good recipes for substituting stuff (like cauliflowers rather than potatoes for mashed). good luck.


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