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gastroparesis and ckd

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  • gastroparesis and ckd

    how does one stay on a kidney healthy diet with acute gastroparesis I was on TPN for ten years not anymore.! also can you drink the Ensure juice products?

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    Hi gutsytruck, I'd recommend reaching out to a local dietitian for any specific diet questions since everyone's needs and circumstances vary.

    Have a great weekend!


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      I have stage 3b CKD and gastroperesis, in September of last year I started tube feedings with jevity via a g/j tube . It's going okay, I'm able to eat small meals, consisting mainly of soups. You have to be careful about sodium and protein. I also will drink those equate nutritional shakes, so you probably can drink the ensure juice, my hospital put them on my meal trays, good luck, also your doc probably uses a dietitian , mine was working at my local hospital .


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        thanks for input on gastropareses and ckd. a tube is not an option for me right now and I am ok with that. it is just hard to keep any weight on


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          1.Protein shakes can be full of potassium & phosphates, so just watch that as well as the fluid. Try the bars too. Medicare actually covers some depending on what your labs are. I *think they're called Zone Perfect or something? Sorry for the lack of details, but def ask your dietitian or nephrologist.
          2. There is a gastric pacemaker for severe gastroparesis. It means surgery, so the GI docs don't go there first or anything. It works just like a cardiac pacemaker in that it pumps everything through.
          3. I've had gastroparesis for almost two decades and been on dialysis twice during that time. The present regimen since 2012 & home hemo since 2014.
          my point is, I'M STILL HERE! Haha 😁 You can do this!


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