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Phosphorus levels based on GFR

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  • Phosphorus levels based on GFR

    I not exactly sure how to ask this. I am looking for information on how to find out my daily limit of Phosphorus based on my GFR, on a 1200 calorie diet with CKD Stage 3B. Any assistance is highly appreciated!

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    I am no expert on phosphorus levels but I think they are separate from GFR. Phosphorus is also measured as part of a blood test. You doctor should be able to interpret whether or not your phosphorus is high. I think phosphorus is more of a worry once you start dialysis. There was a webinar about phosphorus in your diet a few weeks ago given by American Kidney Fund. I think if you go to their website, you can replay the webinar. It was more about what you should eat and binders but I thought it was helpful.

    My best advice for questions is work with your doctor to find out what excesses and deficiencies you have in your blood work. Each person is different. You may not have a phosphorus issue at all. And there are other things to watch for like anemia, high potassium, high protein levels. At stage 3 most likely you need to concentrate on eating fresh, wholesome food and drink plenty of water more than watch any specific types of food. There is information overload online but it remains a good way to do research.


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