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Creatinine jumped up what works to bring it down

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  • Creatinine jumped up what works to bring it down

    I really been trying to watch what I eat well I had a three month check up with my family doctor and he did blood work I always get an early appointment this was before I ate anything 7 in morning . But the day before I went to an outing and smoke bbq was the lunch I did eat some of that and a small sweet potato my creatinine was 2.2 3 months ago and this time it show 2.5 could the smoke meat cause creatinine to go up .
    I was in stage 3 so long and stayed there . I learning what I can to help me in stage 4. This is hard for me seeing it keep going up . I have my appointment with my nephrologist in September so I’m really watching what I eat to see if I can bring it down . Would love to know what has work to bring your down . Thanks for any info

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    Everyone is different but in my case more water , less meat and lighter excersiize helped. Walking is good but nothing that will build up muscle. Sorry about post, using a table5nd can't see what I've typed.


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      Thank you Imama23 I really have been trying to drink more water . I was a Diet Coke addict I ask my kidney doctor in stage 3 he said it was fine if I drank one or two but I know in stage four that need to go so really trying the water I really need to work on the less meat which I am trying thanks for your reply


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