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    I will be starting PD in the next few months. I've only just begun to learn about it. Reading this forum has been very helpful. My doctor said I may have to give up my cats. Ever since then, I'm been focusing on how I'll live without them. The actual dialysis doesn't scare me half as much as the thought of losing them. It's heartening to read that some of you have pets and have found a way to keep them and still stay safe. Please share your experiences with me so I can convince my doctor to let me keep them. Thanks.


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      Most doctors do not require that you give them up. You do however need a room that is clean, animal free, and has enough storage for your supplies. The animals are an infection control concern, but they can also destroy your equipment. As long as you have a room that can be pet free, you should be okay.


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        Hi aprilcosti - great question. Cats do carry specific organisms that present risk of infection but if you can keep the cat out of your actual treatment area during therapy and if you are on a cycler you don't want the cat to have access to the cycler once it is set up for use you should be fine. Avoid getting scratched or bitten and show the PD RN what your set up will be when the home visit is performed so the team is aware of what is being done at home to manage pets should address any concerns. Good luck on your journey and come back with questions any time.


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          Just some pointers I have learned when I went on PD.... We have our bedroom on the 2nd floor and the whole area was just remodeled not too long ago. When you get the deliveries (If they are going to the second floor, or for that matter into a carpeted area of the home) they deliver them on hand trucks (which can be a mess with snow etc) I bought masonite fiberboards (Like a thick compressed cardboard at a local home center) they come in 4x8 sheets, and are not too much, I cut them into the patterns of the floor and numbered them, I store them in a spare room that is not used much so when they deliver my supplies we don't have such a mess. I also bought a utility cart for the PD machine and a bin underneath for the drainage bag to sit in (our bathroom is a longer ways away than I would be able to get there without it)


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