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Cheap fast Peritoneal Dialysis belt

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  • Cheap fast Peritoneal Dialysis belt

    I have been on PD since october of last year. Not too long I know.

    Anyway since the first day I was stresssing about doing damage to either my catheter, or myself cause it just kind of hangs there. I am quite poor and could never afford the fancy PD belts my nurse showed me examples of. This was my solution:

    Buy a roll of elastic band at Wal Mart. I chose this one:

    Buy some womens elastic hair bands

    Place the elastic band around your middle about where you think you would wear your belt. Make sure you have it measured and mark or cut at a point where it is tight enough to stay put but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. I am a normal sized man and there is enough band to make 2 belts with some extra.

    Pick a color of hairband you like, There is a seam, cut it on the seam so you have a tube. Cut the seam part of the hairband completely off. Thread the waistband through the hairband. This part is annoying, but if you use tools or plan ahead with a stiff long object it will be easier.

    OK, at this point, being a man with negligible sewing skills, and no patience to speak of. I used a safety pin to connect the two ends of the waistband together, and I was done. I just tuck the catheter into its little sleeve and it is protected from any damage, and keeps it from getting tugged and making me stress about it getting pulled out.

    At night when I dialyze, I have the connection end sticking out of the end farthest from my exit site to connect, then tuck it just back into the sleeve. This way I can do anything, no matter what movements I make all the tension is always on the front of the sleeve, and my exit site never gets any tension.

    Someone with some skills could sew Velcro, or place snaps, and many other ways to make it removable on a fast basis, I was just too lazy to do that.

    Thats my story
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    Great idea! getting my catheter in a stationary position was first on my list in getting this whole PD thing under control, so I know what you mean!!!!


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      I should be getting my pd necklace in a day or two I'll let u know my reviews on it! Look them up there made from secure way medical supply maybe that might be a better alternative and there only $20


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