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Recent PD Catheter Placement

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    Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

    Originally posted by patty0805 View Post
    Glo, why are you not getting the umbilical hernia repaired?? I had surgery for the PD cath placement AND hernia repair all at the same time. wasn't too big of a deal. get it fixed so it doesn't cause problems later on !
    Patty, that is not so easy, in my case, I sent you a private message, check out your private messages. It is a little bit of a complicated situation, as to why I haven't, just way too much to go into on this post, but of course, you are concerned and I thank you for your concern. I have such a long history of dialysis, you will understand once you read my private message to you.



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      Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

      Hi, I just came from the Dr. today and I told him that I want to do the CAPD. My gfr is bouncing between 19-20 this month. I explained to him that I need to be able to go to work as I am a single income household and with the job I do I would be at high risk of someone grabbing my arm if I had a fistula in it. He suggest that I have the fistula put in for just in case my kidneys fail faster than expected. He even seemed upset that I don't want to do that. Has anyone out there had to put in a fistula for "just in case" before going in for PD surgery? How long before I start dialysis would I get the cath for PD? And do you know if they would start me on hemodialysis first then switch me to PD. My dr. also wants to do a CT scan of my stomach and kidneys to make sure they aren't to big for the solution to fit in there. I have PKD and he is concerned about the cyst being to large. I know its a lot of questions, but honestly not as many as I can think of. I need help ASAP as I will be either meeting with the surgeon in a couple of weeks (cause I postponed it until I get back from my vacation, return on Sept. 11.) Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, D
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        Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

        hello D interesting that your dr would want the fistula "just in case"...because at my last dr visit (I've been on PD for 3 years, no problems ) HE suggested I get a fistula "just in case" I had problems with PD. sounds like the doctors are pushing for fistulas, what you think? sounds fishy to me.
        after the PD placement, you'll start training , for a week I think. then start PD.
        sorry, I don't know about the scan with PKD, someone else will chime in I'm sure
        best of luck to you!
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          Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

          I agree that sometimes docs do push for a fistula for the "just in case" scenario.

          I don't think it is necessarily out of a desire to rack up more bills, though. I think that these docs have seen many cases where the PD did not work out, and want to have a backup plan.

          The thing about the fistula is that it can take months for one to mature and be ready to use. It is not something that can happen quickly, in the event that the PD catheter does not work.

          If PD does not work, then a patient is left with the likelihood of needing an emergency dialysis access (often in the chest). Not fun.

          So, I think these docs may be coming from a place of "let's make sure all of our bases are covered."

          That being said, it is YOUR body, YOUR treatment, and YOUR choice. It can be hard, but if you are able to politely stick to your guns, I think the majority of docs will respond favorably. If your doesn't, or won't listen to you, get a new doc.

          Good luck out there!
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            Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

            I agree totally with Annie. I'm on PD 7 mths now and my Dr. never mention putting in a fistula, every Dr. is different I guess. Best of luck and when you start PD let us know how your doing.
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              Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

              Initially my Dr had told me to go get a fistula because dialysis was soon approaching. I told I wanted to wait, she didn't seem to happy with it, but respected my decision.
              Then two months later (Dec 03) Dr. had a PD and Hemo nurse come to her office and explain what treatment options I had.
              I chose PD.
              In March 04 she said "it's time, you need to see a surgeon and get your cath" On March 28th 2004 I had cath surgery and on April 26th I started dialysis. Some patients can start PD 2 weeks after having cath placement surgery but are at a higher risk of hernia then if they wait 4-6 weeks.

              In 2007 I had "granulation tissue" on exit site, neph thought it was on infection and suggested a fistula. I've had my fistula for 3yrs and have never had to use it ****thanks her lucky stars*****

              It's good to have a backup just in case you need it. The permacath (chest catheter) can get infected easily. But even in case of emergency the permacath is a temp option.
              The fistula can take several months to "mature" or be ready to use.
              While the PD cath only a few weeks.
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                Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

                Thanks again to all, I will take into consideration all that you have said, I really do appreciate your advice. I have a wonderful family ( none live with me )who support me in what ever choices I make and that is a true gift, but as I am sure you all know; there is nothing like having someone else who has and is going through it to make you feel not alone. I am sure I will be asking many questions in the near future and crying on your shoulders about every little thing that I go through. Such as life on life's terms. Thanks again, D
                "When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive --to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love."


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                  Re: Recent PD Catheter Placement

                  Originally posted by davpro View Post
                  Hey... ditto the first few weeks... hated the no shower part but that goes by pretty quick. If PD works for you then its the closest thing to freedom that you're likely to find while on a dialysis regimen. For me there is never any pain or discomfort just a slight tugging sensation that tells me my drain is complete. I do CAPD and do it almost anywhere including the car while traveling. Once I had to hemo for two months while an unrelated surgery healed... I was so relieved when the told me I could go back on PD. Right now my biggest fear is that PD will stop working... I'll deal with it if I have to but I hope I never have to.
                  Do you have any tips on doing the exchanges in the car, like bag warming, sanitation etc?


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