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Question is there a way to remove more fluid if you have too much at home?

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  • Question is there a way to remove more fluid if you have too much at home?

    If i were to slow down the speed of how much fluid is being pulled from half the amount to half of the half would it be safer? i know it would make my treatment take longer than 2-3 hours but id be willing to do the extra hour if slowly it can remove more without straining my heart. I have no heart problems but dont want any either.. I use NX Stage at home. I'm trying to be able to remove 3 kilos ive been sick and having the flu really makes it hard not to drink when your chest is congested im getting better now but i wanna take atleaste 3 just for one day i did 2 today but i wanna acctually just do 1 or zero eventually

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    Great question Lachy305 you are really pulling all of the pieces together to ensure you have a safe dialysis treatment at home. Ultrafiltration or fluid removal is an important part of the HHD treatment and should be based on your individual fluid removal needs. When you are experiencing a secondary illness like the flu you may be loosing fluid or experiencing congestion as you have mentioned. This is an opportunity to contact your MD and HHD RN to review weight, blood pressure and overall health status to ensure your fluid removal goals align with what is best for you. Nocturnal HHD is a longer, slower overnight treatment with lower blood flow rates and lower ultrafiltration goals. This may be a topic to discuss with your dialysis care team at your next clinic visit. Assessing your weight, blood pressure and overall health daily, along with evaluation of symptoms such as cramping and nausea, help to assess fluid volume overall. When you experience changes in how you feel looking at all of the information you gather to share with your dialysis team will help to determine what, if any, changes should be made to your treatment regimen. Your question will be helpful to other members so thank you for sharing your story. Kind regards,


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