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Stage 4 where do I go from here?

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  • Stage 4 where do I go from here?

    Just came back from my doctor appointment and we started talk about how I been feeling and what we can do.
    He said it might be your kidney levels are getting worse. So I ask him what can we do or whatís the plan.
    He said we can just continue treating me with meds to help control my High blood pressure and blood circulation. And there is peritoneal dialysis.
    Currently I been feeling tired, fogging head and not wanting to do much. Iím afraid that Iím putting a strand on my body with my blood not being so clean.

    History: Diagnose with Kidney Failure 12 years ago Early Stage 3, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.
    Been somewhat stable and feeling ok until this past year (2016) I been feeling more tired and
    Not wanting to do much. My labs been showing a very slow decline (Losing Kidney function)
    My Labs:
    • UREA Nitrogen (BUN) 39
    • Creatinine 2.75
    • eGFR 26
    So my question to all of you is when you went on peritoneal dialysis (what Stage your where?) and Did you feel better afterward? Or did it just improved your Lab numbers or both?

    Thank you all for your help.

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    Jose, I am sure every persons body functions a bit different. I was at stage 4 for approximately 3 years before my kidneys starting getting markedly worse. I was like you though where I felt worn out especially as the week went on. I am still working so by the end of the week I am typically pretty tired. I started dialysis when my GFR was 7. I hovered around a GFR of 17 to 15 for about 9 months before my kidneys went down to 7. I am on peritoneal dialysis now & feel better most of the time. Yet still by the end of the work week I am relatively tired. All I can tell you is to hang in there & keep a positive attitude. Once you do start dialysis you shouldn't feel quite as tired. Best of luck.


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      My husband was very recently dx with stage 4.. we’re talking about which dialysis and since our vacations revolve around swimming and hot tub at night the PD is not for him... although i think it would be the easiest.... we see the nephrologist this Friday. He says we’re in the planning stage at this point... His is from chronic HTN and shows in his blood work... he’s a runner and still runs and feels good- when his BP is under control. He was given meds at urgent care for his gout that he never should’ve been given that knocked him from stage 3 to 4.... we’ve opted to start transplant process, big change in diet (low K, Na and phosphorus and low protein) within a week improved his numbers so we’re hopeful they continue to improve to delay the inevitable... but at this point he thinks home HD will be his choice.... he doesn’t know anything about dialysis.. i as a medic have seen the worst and it scares me..... but we’ll deal... DaVita Lisa says as long as he does what he’s suppose to it wont be what I’m familiar with..... doc wants us to decide which option and go from there.... it’s a bit scarey....


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        Daniesmomm reaching out to this forum is a great place to gather input from those in a similar situation. Peritoneal Dialysis catheters can be placed in the upper chest area typically referred to as a sternal placement. This type of placement allows the option for the lower portion of the body to be submerged in water such as a hot tub. Some patients are able to intermittently swim in the ocean with approval from their nephrologist with a traditional PD catheter that is placed in the lower abdomen but not a hot tub. I would have a discussion about peritoneal access placement with your nephrologist and explore surgical options since your husband is active and a home therapy would allow him to be home and continue with his activity. I would also advocate that you go and spend time talking with a home dialysis nurse so you and your husband can learn about your options and make an educated decision that works best for your lifestyle. Reach out to dialysis patients on this forum as well, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that may help to decrease your fears, address your concerns and help to inform your decisions. Keep asking questions, you have options and the choice your husband makes should fit into his lifestyle. Good luck on your journey and come back with questions along the way.


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