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  • Cramps

    Have been getting severe intestinal cramps during initial fill of the night. Any thoughts?

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    Great question PeterAW and sometimes for new PD patients cramping can be common in the early stages of PD. Height of CAPD bag or cycler can impact fill rate as well as gravity impact so that is one item to check with your PD RN. If you have a twist to open transfer set vs. roller clamp you may want to try opening half way on first fill which will slow the infusion rate and may help to decrease cramps. Constipation can also produce cramping with fill as pressure in abdominal cavity changes with fill. Position of your PD catheter and position in bed can also be a factor. If your PD RN has not already performed a home visit to observe your set up that may be a great option to help troubleshoot. I would also have a conversation with your Nephrologist and PD RN to review other possible options specifically if you are experiencing constipation. I would also suggest not having a meal close to your fill time if possible. Reach out and let us know how things have worked out and don't forget to bring this question to your PD RN and Nephrologist who will know your specific medical history and may be aware of other contributing factors. Thank you for posting.
    Michelle Cassin PD RN CPDN
    Nashua NH


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