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    I have started Home Hemo and I must say its the best I've felt in 5 years! I did PD for three years and had several infections which seemed to recur no matter what i did. I switched back to Hemo with a catheter, it was a real struggle with the centers and their inability to make it a good experience. I think you know what i mean about the treatment we get in center. Well i now do my own therapy along with my wife who is an angel for helping me!. i feel much better and have no worries about water and certain foods. My labs are much better and the flexibility is Great! Also the relationship i now have with my nurse is much better than the center experience. I cannulate myself so that part of dialysis is not a problem for me as in the past. If you want to be more in control of your therapy check it out. Thanks

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    Hi Clovis I am glad you are having a better time now that you are doing your dialysis at home. I am not at that stage yet but wonder how hard it is to start to cannulate yourself. Did you have a hard time starting? Did you worry about the blood aspect and being at home with no nurses or doctors in attendance? Just wondering for the future. Also how do you get over the large needle aspect when doing it yourself. I am not fond of needles. Take Care


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      Hello all: did PD for 6 years and did not have one infection. Had go back to hemo as I had to have stomach surgery and they could not save the PD catheter so I went back to in-center. I am now completing training. for home hemo. I like being in control and cannulation for me is no big deal after P D. Feel much better and can have more foods and fluids. I love it.


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