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  • Sometimes frustrated

    Hello, my name is Tim. My wife is on hemodialysis. She has been on dialysis for 10 years and we've been doing nocturnal home dialysis for a year now. For the most part, it's a regular daily routine, but there are times that gets really frustrating. Mostly because when the alarms keep going off I'm half asleep. So trying to troubleshoot problems gets harder. I try not to lose my cool because of my wife but sometimes I can't hide my feelings.

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    It is going to be difficult and I understand that. You might want to ask your wife if she CAN TRY to sleep like a log to avoid any kinks to the wire. I am not familiar with nocturnal dialysis, but you may want to see if you can make sure the space is clear between your wife, the bed, and the machine you use for nocturnal dialysis. Have the lines spaced out in between too - just to avoid any disturbances. You can also try to make time to talk one on one with your wife about this too, but make sure you are calm and collected when talking to her about this. I am sure it pains your wife when she sees her husband overwhelmed and frustrated with taking care of her.

    Being a caregiver is not an easy road, but YOU know for a fact you are helping someone you love to the very end. Even if it does become problematic.


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