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Pain on initial fill

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  • Pain on initial fill

    I am on my third week of starting PD Dialysis (capd) and yesterday I noticed then has been a really bad pain once the fill has begun. It takes about five minutes for the pain to subside and then it feels okay all the way the end. While I have my dwell period there is also no pain at all. Any ideas what could be causing this excruciating pain for a few minutes and then just goes away?
    If I were to describe it, it feels like a needle and air( I do flush out the solution before fill) being injected into my belly.

    Any ideas would be great. Thank you

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    I experienced this as well. It was frequent when I first started PD. It is a very drastic change, and your body hasn't gotten used to it yet. Just hang in there. It will get better. It also could be the amount of solution you're using for each cycle and the type of solution you're using. The higher your fill volume, the more intense the pain is. If you are using a higher percentage of dextrose, this also causes pain. I get a sharp and a cramping pain on the first fill every time I use 4.25%. I would wait it out for a little while and see if your body gets used to it. Have you spoken to your dialysis nurse about it? If the pain doesn't improve, your nurse may need to adjust your fill volume and increase the number of cycles you use. I hope this helps, and it gets better for you.


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      Thank you the pain has subsided though it does come once in a while


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