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Drain Pain

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  • Drain Pain

    My husband just started at home PD dialysis. While training he had bad drain pain. They said that since he is diabetic he is healing slower and that he will find comfort in time from the bad pain. They started him on a tidal prescription and said he should be not feeling pain until the final drain. However, last night was our first night and he was awaken each time the cycler drained him. The pain lasted approximately 3 to 4 minutes, the last few minutes of the drain cycle. Should I be concerned, is this normal? Ive looked else where and have seen that other people experience this as well. I don't want him to become discouraged with the pain and loss of sleep. Also, I'm the only one who works right now and I get up with him (not going to let him suffer alone) I'm just hoping someone can tell me that this will pass eventually. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Everything else went fine, I just want him to have some peace. My PD nurse says she is confident the pain will go away but when I told her today that he had pain at each drain she said it was weird that he should have slept through the first 3.

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    I am also new at PD and experience some cramping during initial drain and my last drain. It is similar to female menstrual cramps. I am told they will get better in time. It’s been 4 weeks since I started. Best decision I made is doing Pd at home rather then the 4 months of hemo dialysis at the center which I did initially.


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      I am new to PD, a couple weeks into it, and I cramped when I had a lot of fluid in me. I’ve been able to reduce, somewhat, and the cramping has gone away. I was told it was the muscles getting used of the fluid. Still experience some cramping when I drain at night. And yes they feel like female cramps.


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