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Last meal of day before P.D

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    I have been on PD for about a year and a half. I was on Henmo for 2 years prior. I eat a snack right after I hook up, usually a piece of fruit of some kind. I never feel bloated but I always sleep at an angle to make sure I get full drains. I eat 2 good meals per day and 2 snacks. I also watch my lab results online to make sure i am following the diet plan. I never eat yogurt or dairy-based items to keep the phosphorus down. I hook up around 7 pm at night to be finished around 4. That way I can clamp off and sleep a few hours anyway I like.If you do a manual in the day I would watch to see if it is extremely large and could not be draining good each time on the cycler


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      you all do know thar you must limit your sugar content in your meals just before pd or it wont work.


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        Agree! My eating schedule has had to change, somewhat. Certainly can’t eat the way I used to or what I used to. And can’t eat to close to start of treatment, at night. Almost feels like my food is just sitting there.


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