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Any Remedy's for Cramps

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  • Any Remedy's for Cramps

    Hi, I've been on PD for a year and a half and have horrible cramps in my calves and feet mostly throughout the night that prevent me from getting much rest. I also get the cramps in my hands calves and feet throughout the daytime hours as well. Dry weight stable, electrolyte levels are stable, no changes in dialysate fluid. I am on a magnesium supplement. Does anyone have any tips of any home remedies, medications, prescription medications, ointments, foods, drinks, anything that helps with these cramps?

    Has vitamin E 400iu supplements helped?
    has L-carnitine helped?
    has anyone tried cbd oil with any relief?



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    I have several things for you to try. TheraWorx is a foam that you rub on your legs buy it at the pharmacy not prescription. Also if you have a tractor or large animal supply they have rolls of Vet Wrap. Self adhesive stuff that you wrap your legs and ankles with. And eating half of a dill pickle helps.


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