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Any Remedy's for Cramps

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  • Any Remedy's for Cramps

    Hi, I've been on PD for a year and a half and have horrible cramps in my calves and feet mostly throughout the night that prevent me from getting much rest. I also get the cramps in my hands calves and feet throughout the daytime hours as well. Dry weight stable, electrolyte levels are stable, no changes in dialysate fluid. I am on a magnesium supplement. Does anyone have any tips of any home remedies, medications, prescription medications, ointments, foods, drinks, anything that helps with these cramps?

    Has vitamin E 400iu supplements helped?
    has L-carnitine helped?
    has anyone tried cbd oil with any relief?



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    I have several things for you to try. TheraWorx is a foam that you rub on your legs buy it at the pharmacy not prescription. Also if you have a tractor or large animal supply they have rolls of Vet Wrap. Self adhesive stuff that you wrap your legs and ankles with. And eating half of a dill pickle helps.


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      …...or it could be your ground weight need to be adjusted in dialysis center. I exercise and do yard work at home in my spare time. Which in turn could cause increase of muscle weight vice fluid weight. Personally when too much fluid is taken off, cramping starts. Extra weight could be muscle personal experience of course, which proved correct in my instance.


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        sounds like they need to raise your dry wieght


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